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First Annual General Meeting at Chennai

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            After a long stint of service in the bank when the officers/executives retire they go into wilderness with no more chances of getting together to discuss their issues arising after retirement form service. Some of our retired officers/Executives at Coimbatore and nearby places had a get  together meeting on 21st February 2010 at the residence of the undersigned (D.Balavenkataraman, 133, Salivan Street,  Coimbatore-1) where it was initiated to form a separate body for the retired officers. Further meetings were held at the house of Mr.M.Nagarajan (Ex-Manager, DO, Coimbatore) on 26.06.2011. At Chennai our past Office Bearers of OA com.  M. Renganathan and com.S.Murugan convened a meeting of local retired officers/Executives on 17.07.11 which also insisted for the formation of retired officers Association at the earliest.  The subject was also taken up with the leaders of AIBOC through KVBOA.    They were very receptive to the idea. A meeting of the previous office bearers of our OA was arranged by our OA leadership on 13.11.2011  at Karur after getting the Go Ahead signal from AIBOC. Further meetings were held at  Karur at our OA premises on 22nd  Nov  2011  and after threadbare  discussions our  KVBROA  has  been  formed on 23rd  Nov  2011.  The credit for this achievement  goes  to the  present  leadership of KVBOA, previous  leaders of OA who deliberated in detail to form the new Association and to all those retired officers/Executives who gave encouragement at all stages.

          Following are the founder members.

  1. Com. A.Ramaiah                  President
  2. Com. R.Krishnan                  Vice President
  3. Com.M.Renganathan            Vice President
  4. Com.D.Balavenkataraman     Secretary
  5. Com.R.Nagadandayutham    Joint Secretary
  6. Com.S.Murugan                  Joint Secretary
  7. Com.N.Chandrasekaran       Treasurer
  8. Com.R.Radhakrishnan         Member
  9. Com.R.Krishnamoorthy        Member

       Foundation Conference of the Association was held at Coimbatore on 24.12.2011 in which many of our seniors and super seniors have attended and it was a memorable one. KVBOA  has given moral and entire financial support for the KVBROA upto the foundation Conference and also donated Rs.1.00 lac  generously. We had our first  AGM at Chennai on 09.09.2013  and 2nd AGM at karur on  29.09.2013. We are affiliated to the apex body All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation